© Fabulorum. José Medio

There are more whimsical operations to the workings of the sun than light, energy and life. They come curiously to mind when I stroll on a spring day in a park. An urban oasis of greenery, the park of the Buttes Chaumont, displays a craggy topography and multitude of exotic plants and garden arrangements. It exerts a powerful attraction upon Parisians and visitors.

The spring sun closes the gap between the French love for public spaces and the  enjoyment of nature. It provides a moment of suspension of daily life, a radical experiment in the here and now without resorting to new age philosophies. The warm and longer days sustained by a tenacious sun, awaken in our minds a desire to loosen up and leave behind nagging and worrying, if only for a brief period of time. The experience is not complete without another typical French touch: a book or magazine. Paris brims with glamorous newsstands, still successfully selling printed publications in spite of the competition of the technological devices which put the world in our hands.

These savored pauses in the day require the reading element to connect them with a age-old tradition cultivated by all cultures at all times from the Christian monasteries to Arab gardens: the studying meditation in nature.  An art well practiced, when weather permits, in this astonishing city.


  1. cinta says: April 6, 20124:20 pm

    La naturaleza, fuente de inspiración del arte de Asia Oriental también.flipo tu dominio del
    inglés. También leí lo de Modernism in Suburbia y, como decís vosotros, me prestó mucho….Un besazo desde La Vera.